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Half Life 2

mercredi 15 décembre 2004

Une nouvelle mise à jour est disponible, elle se fera automatiquement au prochain lancement du Steam :

  • Steam
    - Source MODs will now automatically appear in the games list
    - Improved startup process for Steam
    - Fixed crash when creating a backup that would span multiple DVDs
    - Fixed a bug that would unnecessarily validate Steam caches after a cache corruption
    - Fixed Condition Zero : Deleted Scenes and Codename Gordon failing to backup correctly
    - Fixed a bug where the message “the game files will be deleted and re-acquired” would repeat
    - Fixed offline mode failing after not connecting to Steam for more than a month
  • Half-Life 2
    - Optimization to the Steam filesystem to reduce game launch and level transition time
  • Source SDK
    - Simplified debug-launch process for MOD developers. MOD developers no - Added a registry key for MOD developers to use to locate a user’s Steam installation located at

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