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samedi 18 décembre 2004

Une mise à jour concernant Counter-Strike : Source et le Source Engine est en ligne, elle se téléchargera automatiquement au prochain démarrage du Steam :

  • Counter-Strike : Source :
    - Added map : de_prodigy
    - Improved player movement against walls
    - Improved choppy player movement when bouncing down slopes
    - Purchase icon for defuser is shown
    - Physics prop avoidance is scaled by the object’s mass
    - Detail prop fade distance can be controlled on a per-map basis with env_detail_controller
    - Spectator GUI last mode is saved
    - Added spectate player by name
    - Grenades, weapons, etc., splash when they land in water
    - Frag grenade deafness is delayed so the explosion is heard
    - Fixed viewmodel lag
    - Added consistency checking player model bounds
    - Weapon reloads finish when the round restarts
    - Autobuy and rebuy trigger a reload if you don’t buy a primary weapon
    - Rebuy doesn’t drop pistols the player has picked up
    - Dropped weapon ammo isn’t lost if the player has another weapon using that ammo
    - Re-added hostage hint messages
    - Smoke grenade canisters fade out and are removed when smoke is dense
    - Breakable glass is blown outward proportional to the damage recieved
    - Soundscapes update for observers
    - Fixed not being able to attach to ladder tops
    - Misc fixes to spray import
  • Source Engine :
    - Fixed crash when trying to play an MP3 that doesn’t exist or is an invalid format
    - Fixed a crash when playing MP3 files with ID3 tags
    - Fixed network being started early enough so UDP remote logging works
    - World rendering optimizations
    - Fixed problems with demo recording
    - Added command "setinfo " to allow clients to add custom user info fields (creates a new cvar flagged as FCVAR_USERINFO)
    - Enabled sv_downloadurl & sv_consistency on dedicated servers
    - Fixed "kick " command via rcon if the name is surrounded by quotes
    - Fixed bug in "logaddress_add" that wouldn’t add the correct port if the port and address were surrounded by quotes
    - Added "player_say" event for 3rd party plugins
    - Fixed crash in dedicated servers when issuing a say before the map is run

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